Simon Thibaudeau

261 Langside St., Winnipeg, MB R3C 1Z9

Mobile: (204)955-2732 Home: (204)774-7720 Email:



Network Engineer, Architect

Skills and Knowledge Areas

In depth knowledge of:

  • Datacenter architecture and design
  • Network architecture and design
  • Routing and switching
  • Enterprise end-to-end QoS
  • Dynamic Multipoint VPNs (DMVPN)
  • Checkpoint and Cisco Firewalls
  • IPv4, IPv6
  • Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP)
  • Data Center Interconnect, OTV
  • Enterprise Internet BGP peering
  • First Hop Redundancy Protocols
  • Enterprise Wi-FI
  • Load-Balancing
  • 802.1x and NAC
  • LAN-to-LAN and Client VPN
  • Enterprise Multicast
  • Virtualized switching





Education & Professional Development

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Computer Science, 1999; Université Laval, Québec, Québec

Arcsight ESM Administrator, 2011

Imperva WAF Administrator, 2011

TACLANE Administration, KIV-7HSB Administration, General Dynamics, 2008

CCNA, 2002

Professional Experience

Thibaudeau Consulting / Manitoba e-Health, July 2015 - present

POSITION: Technical Specialist, Design and Delivery

RESPONSIBILITIES: Design and document network and security solutions for Health Authorities of Manitoba. Supervise design implementations and provide support to the operational teams as needed.

Selected Projects

Digital Mammography, Mobile Network Connectivity:

TECHNOLOGIES: Citrix Cloudbridge, Ku-Band Satellite

Cancer Care Manitoba Network Refresh:

TECHNOLOGIES: Cisco Nexus 9372PX, Cisco Catalyst 4500-X, Cisco Catalyst 3750-X/3850, Checkpoint Firewall

MTS Allstream, September 2012 - July 2015

POSITION: Senior Technical Specialist, IT Network Team

RESPONSIBILITIES: Design, document and implement network and security solutions for the corporate network. Provide expertise and mentorship to network team.

Selected Projects

Geographically Diverse Datacenter:

TECHNOLOGIES: Cisco Nexus 7000, OTV, FCoE, VDC, Cisco GSS, Cisco ACE, LISP

Enterprise Quality of Service (QoS)

TECHNOLOGIES: Cisco Catalyst 6500, 4500 and 3750 switches. Cisco 7600 routers

Enterprise Multicast Deployment

TECHNOLOGIES: Cisco Catalyst 6500, 4500, 3850 and 3750. Cisco 7600 routers. Multicast, MSDP, PIM, IGMP

Enterprise Network Access Control

TECHNOLOGIES: Cisco Catalyst 6500, 4500, 3850 and 3750. Cisco Identity Security Engine, EAP-TLS

Loto-Québec, September 2010 – August 2012

POSITION: Network Architect

RESPONSIBILITIES: Design, document and implement network and security solutions for the corporate network. Provide expertise and mentorship to the network team.

Selected Projects

Online Lottery/Gaming Sales Infrastructure

TECHNOLOGIES: Cisco Catalyst 6500, Cisco FWSM, Cisco ACE, Checkpoint Security Gateway, Imperva WAF, Radware DefensePro, Radware LinkProof, highly-available dual-site data center.

Migration of virtual server networking

TECHNOLOGIES: Cisco Nexus 1000v, Cisco Catalyst 3020, Cisco Catalyst 3120, VMWare ESX, VMWare vCenter.

POSITIONS: Network Specialist, Interim Team Lead

RESPONSIBILITIES: Project management. Design, develop and execute test and integration plans. Write investigation report, integration and support documentation. Provide subject matter expertise to the Canadian Navy.

Selected Projects

Design, integrate and support sub-surface ship satellite IP networks

TECHNOLOGIES: Microsoft Project, Viasat Mini-DAMA, TDMA proprietary technology, OSPF, Bulk and IP encryptors, Microsoft server technologies.

Design and integrate WAN optimizers for surface ships

TECHNOLOGIES : Microsoft Project, Riverbed Steelhead, Packeteer Packetshaper, WAN optimizers, protocol analyzers.

Participate in a multi-national trial to develop inter-operable technologies

TECHNOLOGIES: VMWare ESX Servers, iSCSI SAN, Riverbed Steelheads, Rockwell-Collins Subnet Relay, OSPF, BGP, Policy Based Routing.

Loto-Québec, May 2004 – September 2005

POSITION: Network Analyst

RESPONSIBILITIES: Analyze and project requirements. Design and integrate various network solution. Support current network.

Selected Projects

Core and Distribution Network Update

TECHNOLOGIES: Cisco Catalyst 6500, CatOS, IOS 12.x, 802.1q, HSRP

Internet-Facing Environment Redesign

TECHNOLOGIES: HP-Nortel/Cisco Bladeserver switches, Cisco Content Service Switch 11503, Cisco Catalyst 3750, 802.1q, VRRP. Checkpoint Firewall

Kaspia Inc., October 2003 – May 2004

POSITION: Security Analyst

RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop IT security offer. Design common and typical security policies. Market positioning. Design pen-testing and risk analysis processes.

Above Sécurité, June 2002 – April 2003

POSITION: Security Analyst

RESPONSIBILITIES: Integrate remote monitoring infrastructures. Analyze intrusion detection alert. Develop intrusion detection signatures. Analyze vulnerability. Forensic analysis.

LGS Group, an IBM Company, February 2002 - June 2002

POSITION: Security Analyst

RESPONSIBILITIES: Analyze Firewall and operating systems logs for intrusion detection. Manage security policy. Provide support for security policy and remote-access system. Apply IBM ITCS 204 and ITCS 300 security policies. Manage Firewall and Tivoli Policy Director.

Génia Technologies / Telus Enterprise Solutions, July 2000 – January 2002

POSITION: Network Integration Consultant

RESPONSIBILITIES: Design and integrate VoIP showcase. Integrate security and remote access architectures. Integrate various other network solutions.


References available upon request.